San Antonio PolopĆ³

                                                                                              San Antonio Palopo Superstitions 

The Evil Eye. 

When a baby is born the women will keep it's head and face covered with a hat or cloth. This is to prevent what the locals call the evil eye. If too many people look at the baby and adore it, it is believed that this will cause the baby to get sick. The more people who see and adore the baby, the more sick it may get. 

When an outsider comes and tries to lift the babies face covering this is considered EXTREMELY Offensive. I have seen this happen a number of times and most often this has caused arguments and fights.

maya evil superstitions

 Never try to lift a babies head covering without first asking to see the baby. Most often the women will deny this request.

This head covering normally last for up to the first two years of the newborns life. Depending on how adorable the newborn is. (If the baby is considered to be more beautiful than it is likely it will have to keep its head cover on for a longer period of time.)

This head covering holds some scientific truth. Keeping the babies head and face completely covered prevents the baby from inhaling much of the dust and germs that get blown around the village when outside.

Pregnant Women and the Exchange of Souls. 

If two women are pregnant and are near each other. The women believe this may cause the unborn babies  to be swapped. This is why many women who are pregnant do not leave their houses.                                         Also if a pregnant woman is near a newborn baby, the women believe this may cause the unborn baby and the newborn babies souls to become exchanged. Therefore women with newborns prefer not to have pregnant women near them.

Day of the Dead.

This is a day of extreme superstitions. Many of the locals believe their ancestors are flying around town on this day, their spirits are free to roam. Therefore it is unwise to leave a newborn unattended. If a newborn is left unattended on this day it is feared that baby will become possessed. 

"One woman set her baby down for a nap, she had to do some errands and left the baby for a short time. When she come back the baby was dead."  The locals say that because the newborn was left alone, it became possessed by whoever lived in this area before.

The Deadly Owl.

Many locals believe that if they hear the screech of an Owl in the evening death with a friend or family is certain.

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