San Antonio PolopĆ³


                         Food in San Antonio Palopo has remained simple and has not changed much in the past centuries. 

Diets normally consist of tortillas made of corn. Black, Red and White beans, Herbs, Farmers cheese, eggs, locally caught fish and crab, beef, chicken and vegetables.

San Antonio Palopo makes a local dish called Polik. This is made with ground corn meal, chicken and vegetables. It is rusty orange in color and eaten with large tortillas which are shaped like tomales.

Tortillas are the staple food in San Antonio. 

Locals make a variety of tortillas made from different types of corn. White, yellow and blue tortillas are the most common tortillas found here.

Starting at 11:00 am mobile fried chicken and french fry stands open for business. At noon time the local comidor opens for business. The menu consist of either fried chicken with rice, or boiled meat with rice. Cooked beans, rice and tortillas are available throughout the day by the comidor and also children will go door to door in the neighborhood  to sell cooked foods. 

 The most famous dish in San Antonio Palopo comes from the local cevicheria. Chevicheria Charlie is spoken of throughout the region for his incredible seafood cocktails. This dish is made with raw shrimp, clams, crab marinated in lemon juice. Then they add minced tomatoes and onions. Charlie also adds a few secrete ingredients which make this cocktail taste incredible. This is usually accompanied with plain crackers. He offers spicy chili on the side if one likes.    

You can find this near the lake shore where the main docks are located.

Ceviche, Cevicheria, Charlie,

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